About The Road Map Project

In pursuit of more equitable systems

Addressing systemic barriers to racial equity. Amplifying community voice. Building stronger systems. These actions are the cornerstone of our work.

The Road Map Project is a collective impact initiative to boost student success from early learning to college and career in seven King County, Washington school districts: Auburn, Federal Way, Highline, Kent, Renton, (South) Seattle, and Tukwila. Together, this region is home to more than 127,000 K-12 students.

Our multisector partnership is comprised of hundreds of individuals and organizations: school districts, postsecondary education institutions, community-based organizations, businesses, government agencies, teachers and parents, students and youth, and many more.

Learn more about why we do this work,  how we work together, and read our Theory of Change.

Our vision & values

We want every child and youth in South King County and South Seattle, particularly those who are low-income or of color, to thrive in their education, communities and life. The Road Map Project core values guide our approach to the work and help us hold ourselves accountable to children, youth and families.


We believe in greater access to opportunities, power and, resources so that every child can reach their full potential, with a focus on populations that have historically been furthest from opportunity.


We believe in greater access to opportunities, power and, resources so that every child can reach their full potential, with a focus on populations that have historically been furthest from opportunity.


We believe in providing every child and youth access to the experiences, resources, and support that allow them to flourish.


We believe in creating environments that are welcoming and respectful to every child and youth, and reflect the changing demographics of our region.


We believe in the wisdom and common ground gained through shared experience. We seek out the perspectives and voices of the many communities in our region so community aspirations guide the work.

Social Justice

We believe in moving society and systems toward fairness, compassion, and greater respect for human dignity. We address the root causes of educational inequities not just manifestations by dismantling individual, structural, and institutionalized racism.


We believe that by working together, greater outcomes will be achieved than what is possible when individuals, organizations, or systems work alone. Building community trust and strong relationships, and valuing a diversity of perspectives are central to this work.


We believe that in collective impact work, assuming responsibility for the results and impacts of our action or inaction is critical in order to change system performance for the benefit of children and youth.


We believe in being open and honest about how, why and by whom decisions are made, including decisions involving policies and resources.


Our goals

By 2020, we will increase equitable policies and practices in our education systems and dramatically improve outcomes for children and youth, from cradle through college and career; so that:

By 2030, we will eliminate the opportunity and achievement gaps impacting students of color and low-income children in South King County and South Seattle, and 70 percent of the region’s youth will earn a college degree or career credential.

Our history