Our Region

Road Map Project Region

We work with seven school districts

The Road Map Project region spans seven King County, Washington school districts:
  • Auburn School District
  • Federal Way Public Schools
  • Highline Public Schools
  • Kent School District
  • Renton School District
  • Seattle Public Schools (South Seattle only)
  • Tukwila School District

Together, this area has more than 200 K-12 schools.

Download a list of K-12 schools in the Road Map Project region

Our students are ambitious and come from diverse backgrounds

More than 127,000 K-12 students call the Road Map Project region home. They are 11.6 percent of Washington State public school students and 44 percent of students in King County. Our youth speak 187 primary languages and come from 180 countries. They are talented, creative, and have ambitious plans for their futures. More than 2,500 of our high schoolers were recently surveyed, and 89 percent say they want to earn a college degree or career credential.

Our job is to help them succeed

But too few of our young people make it through their education journey from their freshman year of high school to earning a two- or four-year college degree by their mid-twenties. Less than a third of our students earned one in 2017,

The magnitude and duration of such education disparities make clear it’s the underlying systems that are the problem. What’s more, the region’s rapid economic growth is exacerbating these inequities. Rising cost of living is pushing families into homelessness. Nearly 5,000 of our students were homeless in 2017, 2.5 times of what it was when the Road Map Project began in 2010.