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Building confidence in the college-going process

Educators want to better support their students for life beyond high school, but they need the tools, skills, and strategies to implement change. The College and Career Leadership Institute provides this opportunity by working with school teams through a series of full-day workshops and monthly school-based meetings throughout the year.

For the 2019-20 school year, two cohorts with a total of 19 participating high schools that serve more than 27,000 students in our region are working on system improvements so that more low-income students and youth of color have a meaningful, high-quality plan for college and career. During workshops and meetings, staff are reviewing school data, engaging in planning time, problem solving with other educators, and sharing best practices.

'Listening without taking action is not enough.'

Going straight to the source: Student feedback drives improvements in college and career supports
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Racial Equity Essentials

The Road Map Project System-Wide Racial Equity Essentials are foundational, cradle-through-college system-level efforts that, if strengthened, will help our region advance racial equity and support student success. The College and Career Leadership Institute is working in service of the following essentials: