English Language Learners Work Group


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Eli Goss
Senior Policy Manager

What we do

The Road Map Project English Language Learners Work Group, staffed by OneAmerica, pushes for systems-level change to create a more equitable educational experience for ELL students in the Road Map Project region and beyond. Our three project areas are: “grow your own” strategies for teacher diversification, postsecondary success, and positive identity and primary language development. In all of our work, we are informed by data and driven by community engagement.

Our core work includes:

  • Identifying high pay-off strategies that will close opportunity gaps for ELL students
  • Creating and implementing an ELL action plan for the Road Map Project region
  • Sharing best practices among Road Map Project districts
  • Working with early learning and higher education to create stronger pathways for ELL students and advocating for local and state policy changes relevant to ELL students.

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Making space for collective thinking at English Language Learners retreat
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Get involved

Our group meets monthly to push for systems-level change to create a more equitable educational experience for ELL students. You can also learn how to empower our English language learners through the Speak Your Language campaign.

Our work group meetings

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Speak Your Language

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Our members

The work group is comprised of those from school districts, community-based organizations, research institutions, early learning, higher education and state education departments. See what organizations our members represent.

Racial Equity Essentials

The Road Map Project System-Wide Racial Equity Essentials are foundational, cradle-through-college system-level efforts that, if strengthened, will help our region advance racial equity and support student success. The English Language Learner Work Group is working in service of the following essentials: