Our Approach

We're Working Together

Collective action for student success

The Road Map Project is a collective impact initiative. No single organization, program, or sector alone can create systems-level change. And real change in education cannot happen without our youth and families at the table.

Within our communities, there are many powerful individuals, programs, and schools doing meaningful work for student success. We want to break down silos and help make connections so that we are all learning from, and collaborating with, each other to create large-scale, regional change.

Our goals are to increase equitable policies and practices so that 70 percent of South Seattle and South King County students earn a college degree or career credential by 2030.

Who's involved

We come from a wide range of sectors and an even greater number of communities. Through a common agenda toward a common goal, we are building systems that work for our youth of color and low-income students.

Education institutions and programs, from early learning to postsecondary
State and local government
Community-based organizations and youth service providers
Communities, families, and youth
Employers and funders
Education advocates

How we work

We connect

Groups and individuals within our network share information, collaborate on projects, and build new partnerships. We use common measures to track regional progress and highlight successes and challenges.

We research

Education data, student stories, and community wisdom inform efforts such as agenda setting, practice improvement, program development, and advocacy.

We elevate

The region’s communities have long advocated for better systems. We need to listen and amplify their voices while honoring their work.

We build

Our individual efforts, from creating culturally supportive school environments to making college more affordable, will ensure all our students thrive in their education, communities, and life.

Racial Equity Essentials

To guide our work toward transformational change, Road Map Project partners have created a list of System-Wide Racial Equity Essentials. Our collective work focuses on improving these system conditions so our young people of color are well supported to reach their full potential.