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College is for everyone

Although 83 percent of students in South King County want to earn a college or career credential, only 30 percent have earned a two- or four-year degree by their mid-twenties. Every Road Map Project school district is committed to graduating students who are college and career ready. This means students should not only be academically prepared, but have gained the skills, knowledge, and confidence to embark on the college-going process.

Our region has many bright spots when it comes to college and career readiness. On-time graduation, college-level coursetaking, and financial aid filing have all gone up several years in a row. These gains should be celebrated and are the results of focused efforts by staff in districts, schools, and community organizations. But despite more students meeting these college readiness milestones, direct enrollment in postsecondary education after high school has not changed. Students need more support and advising so they are prepared for their life beyond high school.

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College & career readiness initiatives

The Road Map Project’s goal is for 70 percent of students in our region to earn a college degree or career credential by 2030. Join one of these efforts working toward graduating our our high school students college-and-career ready.


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