Ninety-six percent of Road Map Project region high schoolers envision a future where they earn a postsecondary education and pursue meaningful, living-wage careers, but currently, less than a third earn a college degree or career credential by their mid-twenties.

Let Us Succeed highlights the perspectives of more than 7,000 local high schoolers through survey and listening session data. The report showcases our students’ aspirations and how college and career school supports impact their success. This is a call to action for all of us by those who are most impacted by education inequity: our young people. They are telling us—educators, education advocates, and policymakers—how to support them. As one student advised: “Listen to what we have to say and try and figure it out from there.”

Read the report to better understand what barriers our young people—particularly youth of color and first-generation college students—face and how school staff and policymakers can take action. A companion research guide is also available to help you understand our methodology.

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