Family Engagement

Families are educators, too

As children’s first teachers, families have an immense impact on their development and education. Research from national experts and insights from practitioners confirm the powerful effect of family engagement on children’s learning. Simply put, when parents are truly engaged, children have stronger outcomes.

The Road Map Project’s work is aided by the Dual Capacity Building Framework, a guide that lays out the goals and conditions necessary for effective family engagement efforts at the school district, school, and family levels. Families need information to effectively support their children’s education. Schools need to operate with a welcoming climate and partner with parents on academic achievement. Parents need channels to develop and exercise their leadership and influence. This multilevel work is not easy or quick, but it can ultimately be transformational for systems and students.

Our imagined future

Plan for Educational Equity Through Family Leadership and Improved Communications with Schools
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School District Family Engagement Leaders

By engaging leaders from all seven Road Map Project districts and building their capacity to support schools, we are working toward better advocacy, leadership, and accountability across the education continuum.

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