The last two years have exacerbated the inequities communities of color and low-income communities face in our region and across the nation. Amid the pandemic and a national reckoning on race, we saw greater disparities in access to healthcare, food, technology, education, and more. We also recognized our need to shift our focus to meet the emerging needs of our communities.

This year’s report intentionally shares perspectives from youth, parents, community-based organizations, and educators in the Road Map Project region about the impact of the last two years, and their visions for a more equitable education system. This report also shares CCER’s efforts to center community and lead with race, highlighting collaborative efforts with partners to center young people, particularly young people of color, in our region.

Read this report to:

  • Understand community visions and needs to better support and listen to students in our region, and heed their calls to action to move towards a more equitable education system.
  • Reflect on the systemic barriers that our Black and Brown communities face, and rethink how we can show up for communities and honor their leadership.
  • Learn about the evolving direction of CCER’s work and role as the backbone organization for the Road Map Project.

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