This study describes patterns in advanced coursetaking among four groups of high school students in Washington state: current English learner students, monitored English learner students (reclassified as English proficient within the previous two school years), former English learner students (reclassified more than two school years ago), and never-English learner students. The study finds that students’ academic preparation accounts for much of the difference in advanced course enrollment and performance.

English learner students face unique obstacles to taking advanced courses. Because the English learner student population is growing rapidly, both in Washington state and across the country, it is important to provide every opportunity for these students to graduate from high school ready for college and careers. Ensuring they are prepared for and have the option to take advanced courses in high school is critical to this effort.


Suggested citation:

Hanson, H., Bisht, B., & Greenberg Motamedi, J. (November 2016). Advanced Course Enrollment and Performance Among English Learner Students in Washington State. Portland, OR: Education Northwest.

Posted in: College & Career Readiness , English Language Learners