Aligned Funders


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Senior Director, Anti-Racist Operations
Community Center for Education Results

What we do

The Road Map Project Aligned Funders group is open to all public and private funders of education efforts in the Road Map Project region. We meet every other month to discuss work happening to advance educational outcomes in South King County and South Seattle.

A majority of the participants fund projects in the region and many have strategically aligned their educational grant-making efforts to Road Map Project goals. For instance, many of the funders contribute to the Rapid Resource Fund, which supports projects that strengthen the System-Wide Racial Equity Essentials.

Our action model

The Water Systems of Change
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Rapid Resource Fund

The Rapid Resource Fund invests in short-term opportunities that have the potential to spark or contribute toward system-level change in service of Road Map Project goals.

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Racial Equity Essentials

The Aligned Funders group is helping us in our efforts to strengthen the Road Map Project System-Wide Racial Equity Essentials, foundational cradle-through-college system-level work that will help our region advance racial equity and support student success.