In 2013, the Road Map Project began a multiyear formative evaluation process with Education Northwest to identify where progress is being made and where challenges still exist in realizing the goal. This report summarizes key findings from the 2015 midpoint formative eval­uation of how the Road Map Project’s theory of action is evolving and provides insight on how stakeholders perceive the initiative’s influence.

Education Northwest’s purpose is to examine each of the key aspects of the Road Map Project approach and provide insight on where desired changes are—or are not—happening from the perspective of Road Map Project stakeholders. The evaluation also explores stakeholder perceptions of how well racial and economic equity are addressed in all aspects of the Project.


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Petrokubi, J., Akey, T., Jaffery, Z., & Nagel, A. (July 2016). The Power of Partnership: Continued Journey on the Road Map to Success Midpoint Formative Evaluation Report for the Road Map Project, a Regionwide Collective Impact Effort. Portland, OR: Education Northwest.

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