In 2013, the Road Map Project began a multi-year formative evaluation process with  Education Northwest to identify where progress is being made and where challenges still exist in realizing the Project’s 2020 goal. This year-end report gives an overall assessment of education outcomes in the Road Map Project region during the 2012-13 academic year.

Education Northwest assesses the extent to which the Road Map Project is mobilizing change by publishing and disseminating education results data and promoting data-informed decision-making and continuous improvement, building public will and support to improve students’ educational opportunities and outcomes, and encouraging the alignment of funding resources and organizations’ actions with the Road Map Project’s goals and Indicators of Student Success. This evaluation also includes actionable feedback to help inform strategy implementation and needed course-corrections to Road Map Project goals.


Suggested citation: 

Education Northwest. (December 2013). The Road Map Project Year-end Formative Evaluation Report. Portland, OR: Education Northwest.

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