CCER hosted its last Education Results Networking meeting on February 26, 2020, and centered the celebration of past leadership and the welcoming of new leadership. This year, although the name has changed to the Regional Alignment Convening, the spirit of this meeting remains the same! The past three years have been full of hardships, growth, and joy and we are eager to come out of the storm shelter as an organization. In addition, our community has asked us to play our role as conveners again. This gathering will center the Road Map Project Community Leadership Team (CLT) work to recognize, uplift, and celebrate the cherished Blackness our communities show. Earlier this year, the CLT authored and published their Black Community Statement of Love; for this convening, we’re centering this statement and what it represents.

So come convene with us in community on February 29th at 10 am at the Renton Pavilion Events Center as we recalibrate, reengage, and recharge for the upcoming year!

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