In June, the Community Center for Education Results launched the third and final round of the Elementary Learning Support Grant opportunity to support projects for students in Tukwila elementary schools and/or the Renton Innovation Zone (RIZ) schools: Bryn Mawr, Campbell Hill, Lakeridge, and Highlands.

Projects for this round were selected by local community members with a focus on the current needs of RIZ and Tukwila students and families. Partners received funds to offset the cost of projects centered around academics and/or social and emotional learning from June through September 2021. Each of the three participating projects include partnership with local elementary schools and community members to support low-income and Black students, Indigenous students, and students of color in the Renton Innovation Zone and Tukwila.

Backpack Academy
Project: “Physics Friday”

Backpack Academy is a math and science organization that was founded as a physics program in 2011. Physics Friday will be a weekly, virtual summer program for 2nd – 5th grade students who will get an introduction to matter and energy and create their own hands-on project based on what they learn each week. By the end of the program, students will increase their learning and mindset of macro physics through hands-on science activities.

Brazil Center
Project: “Arts Globo Summer Program”

The Brazil Center got their start by hosting the annual Brazil Fest in Seattle in 1999. Brazil Center has now launched their first free arts program, Arts Globo. The summer program will teach elementary school students songwriting, audio production, and video production to help build confidence and create their own project. At the end of the program, students will gain confidence in themselves, foster language development, increase creative thinking, and strengthen memory skills.

Tukwila Children’s Foundation
Project: Tukwila Community Conversations

Tukwila Children’s Foundation is a grassroots organization designed to meet community needs around health, economic, and systemic disparities in Tukwila. Over the summer, they will build the capacity of several Foster High School students to facilitate elementary schoolers in designing and hosting community conversations with local leaders throughout the fall. By September, high school students will increase their ability to have an active voice to make a change in their communities and create cultural transformation, including: having a sense of belonging and identity, being able to identify needs in the community, and building their capacity and confidence to host civic and community conversations.

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