The Community Center for Education Results (CCER) is seeking organizations to apply for its Elementary Learning Support Grant Opportunity. Organizations will collaborate with schools and the local community to serve families and children in the Renton Innovation Zone (RIZ) and Tukwila Local Improvement Networks.

Grantees will receive financial support to offset the cost of collaboration and innovation around programs to support summer learning and the transition to school in the fall. Programs should be established in collaboration with students, families, or elementary school staff in either Renton (specifically the Renton Innovation Zone) or Tukwila.

All proposed projects should operate from June to September 2021 and include a focus on academics and/or social emotional learning. Examples of projects or programs that would fit within grant guidelines include:

  • Offering capacity building opportunities to families around supporting academics and/or social emotional learning
  • Integrating additional academics and/or social emotional learning curriculum into existing summer programs for students;
  •  Provide trainings to school staff around incorporating racially equitable and culturally responsive practices in the classroom;
  • Increasing capacity of school staff to support students with trauma-informed social emotional learning when reentering schools.
Opportunity & Criteria

This grant opportunity is designed for a new or innovative project or program operating between June and September 2021. Project planning will begin in May for organizations to begin serving students and families during summer break.

While applying for this grant opportunity, we encourage organizations to communicate and/or collaborate with local families, schools, and organizations about working in partnership throughout their project. Projects must serve the families and children of the Renton Innovation Zone: Bryn Mawr, Campbell Hill, Lakeridge, and Highlands and/or any Tukwila elementary schools.

Grantees will be selected based on the following:

  • Clear organizational commitment to racial equity;
  • Demonstrated interest in co-designing and co-creating programs and services with families or teachers in RIZ and/or Tukwila elementary schools;
  • Focus on academics and/or social emotional learning;
  • Track record of strong relationships and working with the community (families, students, teachers, etc.);
  • Capacity to track and report expected progress and outcomes.
Funding & Expectations

Organizations can apply for funding in both RIZ and Tukwila regions, however separate applications will be needed for each opportunity. If the applicant’s proposed project involves collaboration with multiple partners, just one application can be submitted for the same project. Grantees are eligible to receive funding up to $15,000 per grant application for the cost of collaboration and indirect project costs. Funding will be distributed as projects launch in June.

Funds cannot be used:

  • To pay for existing direct services;
  • To supplement contracts with the schools or districts;
  • For efforts not aligned with academics and/or social emotional learning;
  • For political or advocacy work;
  • For efforts not associated with RIZ and/or Tukwila elementary schools.

Organizations must commit to:

  • Creating a project plan with the support of CCER in May;
  • Establishing communication protocols with communities that will be served;
  • Attending a kick-off meeting to share project plans with ELSG partners in June;
  • Complete a midpoint learning update with CCER in July;
  • Attending a celebration meeting to share impact with ELSG partners in September;
  • Submit a final reflection based on a simple template in September.
Submission Details

Any organization that would like to discuss the grant opportunity and ask clarifying questions about the application and selection process may contact Jackie Lloyd-Evans at jlloydevans@ccedresults.org.

The grant application should be submitted by 5:00 pm on April 29, 2021 to Jackie with the email subject line “ELSG Application – Your Organization’s Name”.

Elementary Learning Support Grant Application and Rubric
Engagement Timeline
Deadline Activity
4/29/21 Deadline to submit applications

(Applicants can request a conversation to ask questions or/and clarifications)

5/10/21 Announcement of selection of organizations
5/10 – 5/21 Organizations have project planning conversations with CCER
5/21/21 Submit completed Project Plan and necessary documents
June 2021 Kick-off meeting with all ELSG partners to share their project plans

Launch new projects

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