This week’s Leadership Spotlight features LaEisha Howard, CCER’s Senior Director of Human Resources and Anti-Racist Operations. LaEisha ensures not only that CCER runs like a well-oiled machine behind the scenes, but also that we stop saying phrases that might land us in trouble, like “unlimited PTO.” 

What advice would you give to Black youth that are frustrated with the inequities in their education? 

I would tell them to continue speaking up and allowing their voices to be heard. I would encourage Black youth to build a bridge collectively that dismantles the inequities in their education. The bridge looks like connecting with each other and working to get in a room with those who have the power to facilitate change in the very systems that are perpetuating these inequities. Perhaps that means coming together and petitioning the superintendent for their district for a meeting to be heard and then keeping the pressure on until change begins to happen.

If you could time travel and meet your favorite/most influential Black figure, who would it be and why? 

Nina Simone and Toni Morrison. Both remind me of my power and to wholeheartedly return to myself. I think the wisdom I would be able to absorb if I were to sit in a room with them would be magnetically divine.

What have been your favorite parts about working for an antiracist organization? What have been some challenges? 

I would say the passion from our staff having a deep racial equity lens. The internal education our team goes through to stay committed and intentional about maintaining an antiracist organization are my favorite parts. Challenges have been keeping everyone focused on the goal and working to reduce the chatter that may get in the way of achieving those goals.

Last but certainly not least – Biggie or Tupac?

Tupac!!! After all…West Coast is the best coast. 

You can read more about LaEisha here.

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