LaEisha Howard

Executive Director
Community Center for Education Results

LaEisha oversees Operations and enjoys working collaboratively to achieve a shared goal, which excites her about continuing her career with CCER. Her work within human resources and organizational development started over 25 years ago and she is excited to continue building strong partnerships that enhance engagement, equity, and professional development. LaEisha is an entrepreneur with a high degree of creativity and an expert at developing and implementing long-term strategic plans. She has a keen aptitude for bringing stakeholders together to work collaboratively to achieve a shared goal. 

Additionally, she is an entrepreneur, author and speaker with a focus on mental well-being encouraging others to live fulfilling and balanced lives. LaEisha is passionate about empowering young people to create the life they want. LaEisha is a mother who has devoted much of her life raising her daughter in the Road Map region, who is now a professional soccer player. LaEisha’s favorite place in the Road Map Project region is anywhere with a view of the lake or mountains.