We continue our Leadership Spotlight series this week with Carlina Brown-Banks (Black/she/her). Carlina has been an integral part of CCER, and her community, for over nine years. Her love and dedication for antiracist, equitable change in education is evident in her diligent and unapologetic approach to her work.

How do you spark joy in your work?

Love the people with who I work with. I love telling my coworkers I love them and them saying it back to me. Sending love letters to folks and encouraging them to reach the edge and watch them grow as leaders and community caregivers. It is always my desire to be a catalyst that disrupts and infiltrates the ways that make folks unable to be their best selves.

What does it look like to you when you envision a world with equitable education?

It starts with seeing the person for who they are. Understanding what their needs are and having a way to cultivate their passion and wisdom through curiosity and opportunities.

What does starting with Black mean to you?

To fully account for the Black experience by centering the voices of those you want to touch. To bring forth a historical culture that is captivated by brilliance, perseverance, and self-love. To make sure you see Black for its beauty and ways of being that are only understood by Black people.

What’s your favorite part about being Black?

I see and feel the unending layers of beauty and diversity when I am around Black people. I feel belong and wanted with a head nod or a moment of silent bliss when my eyes connect with another Black person and their smile.

You can read more about Carlina here.

Stay tuned as we continue to highlight our amazing leaders next week!


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