We are excited to announce that our Annual Data Dashboard has been updated with data from the 2021-2022 Academic Years! We have also updated the College Enrollment and Community and Technical Colleges Outcomes Dashboard.  This dashboard includes some visual changes to help you navigate the data, and also includes preliminary Fall enrollment information for last year’s high school graduates. For our main dashboard, we have highlighted a number of findings on the landing page. Most notably, overall enrollment in Road Map Project region’s schools has decreased over the past few years.  We are researching enrollment patterns and would love community comments and stories related to these trends, or other questions/observations you have about the new year’s data. Keep scrolling to see snapshots of the dashboard!

We are planning community walk-throughs of these results over the summer and early Fall. If you would like us to present and discuss findings with your community group, please email us at data@ccedresults.org.

Here is our new view of direct enrollment for 2022 grads, using the National Student Clearinghouse college enrollment data we have received through Fall 2023. We will release the full direct enrollment graphs next year, once we have received Community and Technical College datasets.

We’ve also kept some of the same data dashboard features that you know (and love), including in-depth info about specific demographics, like mobile students and English Language Learners, as well as measures regarding school attendance and discipline.


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