When the pandemic hit in 2020, school districts in the Road Map Project region began issuing emergency credit waivers (established and authorized by the Washington State Board of Education) to students most impacted by the pandemic,

This brief shares our learnings from several discussions we had with representatives from the State Board of Education, school districts, reengagement providers, and a program serving youth in foster care in our region. The brief shares our understanding of how waivers were put in place in our region, and examines who received the waivers, looking at disparities across different groups of students. The brief also highlights coursetaking data among students who attended 12th grade in Road Map Project schools during the 2020-21 academic year.

Also included are shared concerns and recommendations moving forward as waivers continue to be issued. We hope this data brief informs your understanding of the process so far, and that it may help guide practice and advocacy efforts as you support the students most impacted by the pandemic.

Posted in: College & Career Readiness , College & Career Success , English Language Learners , Opportunity Youth