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Our resources include research reports, data briefs, how-to guides, and more. You can learn more about education equity issues in the Road Map Project region, find information to use for advocacy, or discover ways to join our efforts to change systems for student success.

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2016 Results Report

The Road Map Project emphasizes the use of data to encourage strategic action, drive continuous improvement, and support collective accountability. Our annual Results Reports serve as regional report cards. They ...

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2015 Results Report

The 2015 Results Report presents the most recent data on the Indicators of Student Success, which are critical student achievement milestones. This year’s performance—like the year before—is mixed. We see ...

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2014 Results Report

The 2014 Results Report contains data on important student success milestones. This report shows progress being made in the South Seattle and South King County region, but more work must ...

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2011-14 District Reports

These reports provide district-specific data to supplement the Road Map Project’s Baseline Report and Baseline Technical Report. There are annual education results for all seven of the Road Map Project ...

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2013 Results Report

The 2013 Results Report shows data on 33 Indicators of Student Success. Several exciting new indicators are unveiled in the report in the areas of parent engagement and student motivation. ...

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