RENTON, Wash.—The Renton School Board has passed a resolution endorsing the Road Map Project, a region-wide effort to dramatically improve student achievement from cradle to college and career in South Seattle and South King County.

The Road Map Project’s goal is to double the number of students in the region who are on track to graduate from college or earn a career credential by 2020. The project also aims to close achievement gaps for low-income students and children of color.

The resolution was passed at the Renton School Board’s Aug. 8 meeting. This marks the third time a regional district has formerly supported the Road Map Project. Both the Federal Way and Tukwila school boards passed similar resolutions earlier this summer.

The resolution underlines the importance of working alongside parents, communities, cities, youth development groups, community colleges and other organizations to increase student success. Todd Franceschina, president of the Renton School Board, said the Renton School District supports a region-wide collaborative approach to drive major improvements in student success.

“The Road Map Project is working to reach across district boundaries and bring together people and organizations to support our common goals in education. There is power in numbers when communities, businesses and organizations join forces to support public schools. With this endorsement, the Renton School District reiterates its commitment to do what’s necessary to ensure all of our students get the education they deserve,” Franceschina said.

The approved resolution states:

WHEREAS, the Renton School District has been actively involved in the development of the Road Map Project, partnering with neighboring districts; and

WHEREAS, we believe our students, like the young people growing up in South King County and South Seattle deserve the best possible education; and

WHEREAS, the data indicates that schools and districts must work collaboratively with parents, communities, cities, youth development groups and others who serve young people and families to address student learning needs, close achievement gaps and support our common goals of increasing student success; and

WHEREAS, the Road Map Project cradle to college and career improvement goals and interim progress targets align with the Renton School District 2012-2015 3-year strategic plan;

THEREFORE, IT BE RESOLVED THAT the Renton School District endorses the Road Map Project and commits to the collaboration needed to accelerate progress in our region.

ADOPTED by the Board of Directors of Renton School District No. 403 at their regular meeting held on August 8, 2012.

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