This report is a snapshot of how the Road Map Project region is progressing on a range of academic outcomes since the initiative’s launch in 2010. Our high schoolers have progressed across many measures while in other areas progress has been incremental. Much work lies ahead in supporting our region’s young people and in creating just learning environments where students thrive. In alignment with community conversations, beginning in 2022 this progress report no longer compares results across racial groups. Instead, it allows users to view progress for specific demographic groups.

The results presented here include confidential data from the Education Research and Data Center (ERDC) located within the Washington Office of Financial Management (OFM). ERDC’s data system is a statewide longitudinal data system that includes de-identified data about people’s preschool, educational, and workforce experiences. The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of OFM or other data contributors. Any errors are attributable to the authors.