CCER warmly welcomes Jono Green (they/them) to the Data team as our Data Engineer! In their role, Jono serves as the expert on all things integration, design, development and maintenance. Previously, Jono has been in the administrative health data space as a data engineer, analyst, programmer, and product manager. Long story short, they’re pretty amazing! Jono hung out with us to talk about how a public education has impacted them, bringing intersectionality to their work at CCER, and their “crowd and mood-dependent” song rotation.

CCER: What do you hope to bring into your work at CCER to further our antiracist mission?

JG: I’ve spent over two decades using my skills and expertise in administrative health data and technology to make the work and lives of my colleagues and customers easier, and I hope to bring the same energy and a fresh perspective to the education space. I also hope to bring my privilege as a white-identified person and my intersectionality as a queer- and nonbinary-identified person to bear in furthering CCER’s antiracist work, by speaking in my communities about our work. And of course, I’m bringing my personality! 🌈🦄✨

CCER: What’s your go-to karaoke song?

JG: This is totally crowd- and mood-dependent, but my go-to rotation includes Blister in the Sun, Toxic, Party in the USA, and Shake It Off.

CCER: When you envision equitable education, what does that look like?

JG: I had the good fortune and privilege to receive a public education that met me where I was as a student, and consistently worked to lift me up to my fullest potential. When I envision equitable education, I see a system that removes the barriers and adds the supports necessary to ensure that all students are met where they are and lifted up to their fullest potential, full stop.

You can read more about Jono here.

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