In 2024, the Community Center for Education Results (CCER) will launch the Data and Research Fellowship Program. This Fellowship is designed to increase research and data capacity among BIPOC community advocates in South King County, Washington. Data and Research Fellows will work alongside CCER’s data and research teams conducting research, analyzing data and disseminating findings that inform decision-making among policymakers, researchers, practitioners, and the public.

The Data and Research Fellowship Program is co-led by Dr. Kristin McCowan, Senior Director of Research & Impact and Natasha Rosenblatt, Senior Director of Data & Strategy, and supported by CCER’s data and research teams, including a Research Analyst, a Data Scientist, an Analytics Engineer, and a Data Engineer.

Through this program, CCER will recruit, hire, and train up to three fellows per year from communities of color within the Road Map Project region who desire to learn about data and/or research practices. During this 9-month fellowship, trainees will gain knowledge, skills, and experience by working closely with our data and research teams to support the Community Practice Partnerships Initiative which is working on intensive projects related to high school and college. Fellowships will begin in September 2024, and will require a time commitment of approximately 15-20 hours per month, including at least one monthly meeting (timing and locations to be determined).


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