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Race to the Top

Road Map Race to the Top Screen ShotThe region’s Race to the Top grant now has its own website. Please visit roadmapracetothetop.org to learn more.





In fall 2012, seven King County school districts joined forces to compete in the federal Race to the Top competition and won $40 million to enact a plan to raise student achievement.

The participating districts of Auburn, Federal Way, Highline, Kent, Renton, Tukwila and Seattle actively work together as part of the Road Map Project and leveraged the project’s existing framework and networks to develop the proposal. In recognition of this, the districts dubbed themselves the Road Map District Consortium. The winning plan uses a cradle-to-college approach and is designed to make big improvements along the entire education continuum. Because they worked together, the districts’ plan covers 147,000 students, including 36,000 high-need children, and 261 schools across the region.


Celebrating the Race to the Top win. From left: Robert Neu, Superintendent, Federal Way Public Schools; Phyllis Silling, President, Renton Education Association; Lee Vargas, Superintendent, Kent School District; Susan Enfield, Superintendent, Highline Public Schools; Mary Alice Heuschel, former Superintendent, Renton School District; John Welch, Superintendent, Puget Sound ESD; Mary Jean Ryan, Executive Director, CCER; Pete Lewis, Mayor, City of Auburn; Jose Banda, Superintendent, Seattle Public Schools; Kip Herren, Superintendent, Auburn School District.

The consortium was led by the Puget Sound Educational Service District, a regional educational agency. The $40 million grant is the result of a tremendous collaboration that brought together superintendents, education associations, school boards, mayors, educators, community-based organizations and parents across the region. Many other partners are also actively involved to ensure kids will be supported by their city governments, housing and health services providers and after-school programs. This is truly a community-wide effort.

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