The Community Center for Education Results (CCER) is seeking the services of an experienced human resource (HR) professional (individual contractor or through a firm) to support our growing team. The commitment would include four to eight hours a week, depending on current projects, with the majority of time spent in our South Seattle office.

The HR contractor would be a reliable source of support for CCER staff, recommend improvements to current HR systems and policies to align with organizational goals, and work on specific projects, such as:

  • Work with CCER team on the development of new policies to support learning and growth
  • Update employee handbook to incorporate new benefit programs and policies
  • Assist in the planning, execution and documentation of hiring and onboarding processes

At CCER we are committed to creating and maintaining a positive and engaging working environment for all. We look forward to engaging with an HR professional who shares our values. Qualities that we are looking for in an HR contractor include:

  • A strong racial equity lens
  • Experience working with diverse teams
  • Professional discretion and confidentiality
  • Excellent, friendly customer service and a proactive problem-solving approach
  • Experience working with Washington State nonprofit organizations; knowledgeable of current federal and state laws and policies

CCER intends this to be a nine-month scope of work, with an option to refine and continue the relationship based on mutual agreement. We would like the contractor to begin in May 2019.

RFQ Submission

If interested in this opportunity, please submit the following qualifications to jobs@ccedresults.org:

  • Summary of experience providing HR support to diverse teams and to nonprofit organizations
  • Experience with integrating a racial equity focus in HR systems and processes
  • Resumes and references for individual(s) who would be assigned to this project
  • Quote for services and availability, including a start date

Please direct any questions to jobs@ccedresults.org.

Submissions will be reviewed on April 30, 2019.