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RIZP Background

The Renton Innovation Zone (RIZ) Partnership is a place-based collective impact model formed to increase academic performance for students of color. Our work is to lead relationships and a data informed collaborative network to advance radical equity and create healthy learning opportunities for children throughout RIZ neighborhoods (Bryan Mawr, Campbell Hill, Highlands and Lakeridge Elementary).

While working to ensure that every child feels safe, supported, connected, and inspired our strategies include: supporting strong schools, expanding the availability of early learning, intentional community and family engagement, building capacity and quality throughout out of school time systems and meeting basic the needs of children and families.

Project Summary

The RIZ Partnership is looking to build our digital presence and organizational branding. We are looking for a graphic design and web development team who can collaborate with us to build our website and to stay within our branding scheme, including creating a logo.

Our target audience includes many individuals and communities within the Sunset Highlands & Skyway-West Hill geographic region including, but not limited to the following:

• Families
• Students & Parents (Pre-K – 6th grade)
• Local Business Owners
• Funders/Stakeholders
• Partners


Please include detailed budget accounting for all expenses when you submit your proposal.


  • Establish an online presence through a visually stunning and responsive website using WordPress
  • Create an accessible and easy-to-navigate website for the community that includes a broad range of information. Designer will be intentional to include accessibility to those with disabilities and compatible with accessibility software.
  • Create an easy-to-manage website for RIZP staff to update once the initial build out is complete
  • Build in capability to showcase multi-media content
  • Ensure community voice informs development of website and logo
  • Create a central location to house permanent and fluid information
  • Build capacity of RIZ Partnership and its partners through technical assistance
  • Use existing branding to create effective and community-owned products


1. Build out of RIZP WordPress website by Summer 2019

  • Website to include 9-11 pages
  • Technical Assistance for WordPress through first 3-6 months upon project completion

2. Create logo for RIZ Partnership by Summer 2019

What we’re looking for

1. Flexibility – a team or individual who likes challenges and is comfortable working in collaborative situations.
2. Involving community voice – a team or individual who can communicate ideas to community members and incorporate feedback to reflect identity of given geographic region. It is important that this website be beneficial and accessible by all partners, including those not listed above.

Timeline of Project Scope 1 – Build Out of RIZP website

June 2019
Week 1
  • Information Gather to support website build-out
Week 2 & 3
  • Work with RIZP Communications manager to incorporate proper content and information
  • Build out RIZP website
Week 4
  • Produce website mock-up
  • Seek & incorporate feedback
July 2019
Week 5-7
  • Produce website mock-up
  • Seek & incorporate feedback
Week 8
  • Website testing
Week 9
  • Finalize and publish RIZP website
  • RIZP Staff training
August 2019
  • Technical Assistance (as needed)
September 2019
  • Technical Assistance (as needed)
October 2019
  • Technical Assistance (as needed)

Timeline of Project Scope 2 – Create logo for Renton Innovation Zone Partnership

July 2019
Week 1
  • Information Gather to support logo concept creation
Week 2 & 3
  • Drafting of logo concepts
Week 4
  • Seek & Incorporate feedback
August 2019
Week 5-7
  • Seek & Incorporate feedback
Week 8
  • Finalize Logo(s)
    • Including variations (transparent, B/W, additional colors within branding, etc.) and file types (JPG, PNG, AI, etc.)

**Please note that for both timelines, this is our preferred deadline, consultant will communicate with RIZ Partnership staff to update as needed**

To apply, please send:

  • Portfolio of past website/design samples
  • Portfolio of past logo designs
  • Proposal of work outline including your strategies of seeking feedback, your approach to staff training and any work needs to support you during process.
  • Proposed project budget
    • Please itemize budget per project scope

 Please send proposals to Jasmine Raelynn, Communications Manager at jraelynn@rizpartnership.org. Please include “RIZP Website & Logo – Last name” in your subject line. Priority deadline to submit proposals is Friday, June 21.

Women, People of Color, Immigrants and Refugees are strongly encouraged to apply

Download statement of work