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Project Team

Hundreds of committed individuals and organizations across South King County and South Seattle are working on the Road Map Project. Everyone involved recognizes that making region-wide progress requires banding together to work on a common agenda. Together, we can make the systemic changes our region needs.

Team Graphic 2015

To learn more about the different parts of the project, head to the Project Hub page.

Summary of groups:

  • Project Sponsors
    Providing overall project strategic direction, progress monitoring and implementation support
  • Community Network
    Strengthening public will to improve equity and advance project-wide goals through authentic community voice and action
  • Advocates Caucus
    Developing a project-wide advocacy agenda that targets state and local policies to reach the 2020 goal
  • Community Center for Education Results
    Providing staffing, communications and data support to the Road Map Project
  • Data Advisors Group
    Providing technical advice on the Road Map Project’s complex data issues and spearheading the annual indicator refinement process
  • Work Groups
    Identifying strategies that will improve education outcomes, analyzing data to track performance and reviewing results to inform changes in practice
  • Education Results Network
    Providing input and building connections
  • Aligned Funders
    Investing for greater system impact
  • Puget Sound Coalition for College and Career Readiness
    Higher education and K-12 leaders working together to improve the transition from high school to college credential completion

Student Engagement and Motivation: This data provides unique insights into the ways students perceive themselves and their learning environments.