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Letter From the Executive Director


I am writing to ask you to get involved in helping address the single biggest challenge facing the future of our region: the need to improve the education attainment of the children who grow up here.

We have an amazing economy — one of the world’s most innovative and knowledge intensive — but we import huge numbers of well-educated people to fill the jobs. We get low marks when it comes to developing the potential of our kids, especially our low-income kids and children of color.

In 2010, many partner organizations from various sectors came together to create the Road Map Project as a way to step up to this challenge. The Road Map Project aims to double the number of students from our area that get a college degree or career credential, and to close the achievement gaps.

We are building a broad coalition to work shoulder-to-shoulder to achieve the Road Map goals. We need you to get involved. I have no doubt about our ability to achieve tremendous collective impact if we work together and put our kids first. Please join us!

Mary Jean Ryan Signature