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Visa Report Puts Spotlight On STEM Education

The Brookings Institution released an excellent piece of research Wednesday which shows the geography of the nation’s H1B visa activity. (Click here to read the report.) Not surprising to see that the Seattle metro area ranks very high. As we know, we tend to import talent rather than grow our own—much easier, I guess. Adding insult to injury, the report also explains that we are not getting a fair share of the training dollars that the program generates.

Most of the visas are for STEM occupations and the bulk are in the computer science arena—one area in which we desperately need more higher ed capacity. Our region’s businesses that need this talent pool are mounting an effort to uncap the number of visas that can be issued. Probably a logical short-term move. However, the Road Map Project is mounting an even bigger effort to develop the intellect and skills of our own children and to build a phenomenal STEM talent pipeline. Join us!